Testing Services


Since 1989, The AeroGroup has provided Friction Testing Services, analysis and pavement evaluations around the world.

We have contributed to the research and development of the methods and equipment necessary to provide accurate reliable data through our participation in ASTM, PIARC, JWRFP, TRB, CASA, and NASA correlation trials. Our experience as a Service Provider is unmatched in the US.

“The operator of any airport with significant jet aircraft traffic should schedule periodic friction evaluations of each runway that accommodates jet aircraft.”
FAA Advisory Circular 150/5320-12C (PDF 2.9M)– FAA Advisory Circular 150/5320-12C (PDF 2.9M)

The FAA has mandated through it Advisory Circular program, the requirements for periodic friction testing. Even the smallest airports with jet traffic should schedule an annual evaluation. The January 2006 tragedy at Chicago Midway Airport points up the need to know the braking action of your runways.

“Research has shown that visual evaluations of pavement friction are not reliable.
FAA Advisory Circular 150/5320-12C (PDF 2.9M)– FAA Advisory Circular 150/5320-12C (PDF 2.9M)

Our “No Skidding” FRICTION SAFETY ANAYSIS looks at the effectiveness of your runways for both high speed and slow speed hydroplaning. Friction loss as a result of tire wear occurs over time and will not be apparent to the naked eye. The GripTester can scientifically measure this loss and report the conditions in a manner that correlates to slipperiness actually seen by an aircraft on wet pavement.

“The success of friction measurement in delivering reliable friction data depends heavily on the personnel who are responsible for operating the equipment. Adequate professional training on the operation, maintenance, and procedures for conducting friction measurement should be provided either as part of the procurement package or as a separate contract with the manufacturer. Also, recurrent training is necessary for review and update to ensure that the operator maintains a high level of proficiency.”
FAA Advisory Circular 150/5320-12C (PDF 2.9M)– FAA Advisory Circular 150/5320-12C (PDF 2.9M)

The AeroGroup is the Factory Authorized Service and Training Center for the FAA Approved GripTester CFME. Our Survey Engineers are also part of our training staff. They maintain their proficiency by participating in research and correlation events around the world. From data collection to final analysis, an airport can be confident in the accuracy of the results.

To assist you in understanding the big picture, The AeroGroup will produce a detailed report once the data is collected. This report will include a full analysis of the surface dynamics. The pavement will be scanned for loss of micro-texture and macro-texture that could be the result of either wear or contamination. The degree of rubber contamination will be determined by Analysis with the FAA’s Friction Evaluation Program and Reported in accordance with the Advisory Circular.The macro-texture will be analyzed for wear. If grooving is present, it will be visually inspected and digitally photographed for reference. The ability of the pavement to handle large amounts of rain without flooding and causing a hydroplaning event, will be verified by testing with an ASTM approved Hydro-Outflow meter.The final report will provide a complete appraisal of the airport’s pavements potential for hydroplaning accidents. A Certificate of Compliance will be issued for each runway that meets the requirements of AC 150/5320-12C. This certificate may be included as part of the annual Part 139 Airport Certification Inspection.