Roads & Highways


GripTester Benefits
The flexible, accurate and economical way to measure your whole road network for skid resistance.

  • Reliable – Low cost, robust and easy to maintain
  • Durable – Excellent repeatability and reproducibility
  • Accurate – Readings unaffected by road curvature
  • Versatile – Suitable for all classes of roads
  • Easy To Transport – Can be towed by a wide variety of vehicles
  • Efficient – 100 miles of testing with one tank of water
  • Correlated Data – E274 Locked Wheel Tester, British Pendulum Tester and SCRIM
  • Data Integration – Standard and custom data integration into any pavement management system
  • High Resolution – One reading every 32 inches
  • Walk Mode – Can be used to test pedestrian crosswalks, steel bridge decks, and accident sites


Flexible Deployment
The GripTester’s light weight, robust construction and reliable performance make it the most deployable runway friction tester in the world. For military operations, the GripTester’s ability to function in extreme weather conditions is particularly valuable.

Ease of Use
An onboard computer handles daily calibrations internally. This self calibration feature makes the MK2 GripTester easy to operate and maintain. One person can quickly and comfortably prepare the GripTester, carry out a survey and create a runway friction report.

Low Cost of Ownership
The GripTester’s open structure, modular design and high quality components ensure ease of maintenance. The GripTester can be towed by almost any vehicle and can use almost any laptop or notebook PC as a data collection computer.

Testing and Survey Surfaces
The AeroGroup provides testing services, training and consulting worldwide. Ask about a free survey.