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helicopter embark passenger on the offshore oil rig.

The Micro GripTester is a portable push mode continuous friction measuring device.

The Micro GripTester’s touch screen display guides the user through the friction test procedures and allows operators to save their results directly onto the inbuilt hard drive or onto a removable hard drive. The Micro GripTester utilizes integrated GPS to allow all surveys to be overlaid on a map providing a graphical Grip Number display.

The Micro GripTester’s compact, lightweight design allows it to be used as a one man operation. It can measure the skid resistance of any paved area or paint markings at a walking pace. No user calibration is required and it is not affected by bends, cambers or inclines and any horizontal slope is measured and reported so as not to skew the results. These features allow for ease of use and ensure accurate and consistence measurements regardless of user or condition.