Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I get technical support?
A: The AeroGroup provides technical support by email, telephone, and on site visits. Unlimited telephone and email support are available for the first year after purchase. Annual maintenance and calibration service is available at our facility or on site. Email support is always available and always at no charge. Contact us at [email protected].

Q: I have an MK1 and I am getting very high readings. What should I check first?
A: It is very common to forget to change the FH switch back to Fh/Fv after completing the daily calibration checks. Position to it farthest right hand position before testing.

Q: The Drive Tires look a little like common kart tires. Can I get them locally?
A: The GripTester is a braked wheel fixed slip FAA certified device. The diameter of the drive tires is critical to maintaining the proper slip ratio. The tires provided for the GripTester are made with an unique all temperature compound and to an exact diameter. Substituting them would invalidate all the readings obtained with the unit.

Q: I lost my Operations Manual. Where can I get one?
A: Email technical support. The latest versions are always available in either printed or electronic format.

Q: Do I have to calibrate my machine every day?
A: The validity of the data is important. The GripTester is an electro-mechanical device that changes with temperature, altitude and daily use. It is best to verify the ZERO settings before beginning the tests runs to compensate for these variations. It takes less than a minute.

Q: How do I get parts?
A: The AeroGroup is the exclusive distributor of The GripTester in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. For spares or service, call or fax (919) 371-0669 day or night, or email our support department.