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Measurement of surface friction and contaminated runways is at the forefront of airport safety. Low friction can result in aquaplaning and aircraft overshoots with potentially catastrophic results.

Regular monitoring of runway friction, turning areas and taxiways is essential in order to enable the planning of maintenance. By measuring friction in accordance with an established regime, reduction in friction caused by polishing of the runway surface material or by the build up of contaminants can be tracked. Intervention at the right time to improve the friction by retexturing can significantly extend the useful life of the surface without incurring high costs associated with laying new material.

International Civil Aviation OrganizationSpecified by ICAO Annex 14 and covered by BS7941-2:2000, the GripTester is the most widely used runway surface friction tester in the World. With over 400 units currently in operation worldwide, the GripTester provides users with the flexibility to undertake the level of runway surveys, which is most appropriate for the volume of air traffic handled.

Portable and robust, the braked wheel fixed slip device is easy to deploy at short notice.